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Product name: HD988 HD988 jet loom air jet loom is the company's development, design, manufacturing, new loom, using the contemporary international and domestic advanced, mature technology and processes, well-designed, carefully manufactured, can be woven weft density and weight of a variety of staple fiber and filament yarn fabrics, HD988 air-jet looms for China's national conditions, compared with imported high-end machine with higher performance and low cost. HD988 jet loom has broad applicability, can be woven staple yarn, filament yarn, cotton yarn, glass fiber yarn, cloth and other fabrics electronics. The main technical parameters are as follows: width :150-280cm adjustable reed reed width :500-700r. Pm speed :500-700cpm (by reed width, weaving varieties may be) weft colors: single color, mixed weft, two-color, four-color free weft opening: the opening eight negative cam crank open six mechanical dobby 16 woven electronic dobby 16 shaft diameter: 800mm 930mm 1000mm cloth roll diameter: 600mm (crank open 520mm) Main motor rated power: 2.6Kw (negative cam opening 190 reed width) single noise: <90db (A) HD988-jet loom that has a similar foreign high-end machine performance advantages and characteristics, and more suitable for China's national conditions, the company has a long loom design. Manufacturing and sales experience, excellent service, HD988-jet loom is the air-jet looms on the Chinese market, the best choice.

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